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Laminator,auto feed
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Laminator,auto feed

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Product Name: Anti Curler Laminator

Details of Anti Curler Laminator

The unique two anti-curl bars allows even the thinnest thickest of laminates to be applied without the worry of a Curled finish scratch on the back side, especially the image of digital printed. Single side laminate anti or double side laminator
-Two Anti curler bars
-Single side double side laminate
-Slitter perforator option (Mode with suffix of PLUS)

-Silicon rubber top bottom roller insure the high quality lamination.

All the laminators feature high spec silicone rollers which are far better than natural rubber rollers found on cheaper machines. The advantage of the silicone rubber rollers is that they are more conforming to the thickness of the digital print (digital printer toner ink has a definite thickness that makes the surface of the sheet irregular) better presses the laminate to the substrate. This is because the silicone rubber gives a little to take up the irregular surface gives a more equal pressure to the film, reducing the incidence of bubbles under the film*
-Variable height rotating roller for de-curling of thicker stock with no scratching of the inner side.
- Adjustable tensioner brake.
- Adjustable pressure according to substrate thickness (Max 400N).
-Takes 1" 3" cores.
-Two anti curler bars (sharper one for thin paper round one for thick paper).
-De-curler bypass double laminate.
-Available in three sizes 360/460/635mm.
-Variable speed control.
-Solid construction heavy duty system.
-Extra high upper roll holder is suitable for jumbo rolls.
-Anti-jam reverses mechanism.
-Attached safety shield.
-Independent heated rollers.
-Perforator for easy separation just by h.
-Slitter work come off finished-ready for guillotine.
-Adjustable left side guide on the in feed table to align the substrate to be fed into the rolls.
-Two Anti curler bars
-Single side double side laminate
-Slitter perforator option (Mode with suffix of PLUS)
Information is up-to-date: 22.06.2018

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