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Paper folder
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Paper folder

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paper size

Thickness: from 100gsm to 400 gsm
Length:Min120 mm(100mm h feed) Max 999 mm
Width:Min120 mm Max 370 mm (full size)
Min number of creases 1 / sheet
Max number of creases 16 / sheet
Counters batch counter, set counter
Min crease spacing 0.1mm
Number of program memories 16
(with named programs via keyboard
Adjustable in feed skew
Adjustable creasing skew
Adjustable creasing depth

Narrow/wide crease bar
Perforating blade
mounted on the output shafts
scoring wheels
mounted on the output shafts
easy to fit split holders no disassembly required.

- Large reception tray with magnetic stops.
- Paper jam detector.
- Almost silent operation due to new design belt drive motor system.
- Touch screen control.
- Optional in feed tray extension for sheets up to 600 mm long. - QWERTY keyboard for naming programs.

- Feed belts are considered as wear parts.

Sheet processing time
25sheets/min(A4 /1 crease line single fold)
Handles paper
Thickness: from 100gsm to 350 gsm
Length:Min140 mm Max 999 mm
Width:Min140 mm Max 370 mm (full igen size)
Folding types 6 kinds(Single/Zigzag/Gate/Letter/Fold out/Double parallel)
Folding times 2times
Distance between two folding lines Min 70mm Max 300mm

-Machine can crease only without folding.
-Machine can fold only without creasing.
-Paper length measured automatically.
-Fold unit as a option is easy connected with cease unit.
-Adjustable fold roller spacing.
-New job set up instantly.
switch over to another kind of folding type instantly)

Normally located on the feeder module
LCD touch screen for all functions
92 nameable memories
2 speeds
Technical menu
Several language options(GERMAN/FRENCH)
Software expandable to accept other modules later on
Japanese electronic components only 1 main board
Adjustable contrast
Delivered with protective plastic film
Just 3 touches to needed to get started
Power 12v dc 25w from feeder power supply
CE certificated for full system.

Suction bottom feed
Pile height 4 cm
(depending on paper type size
-Feeding by the auto feeder can be done continuously loading the pile.

handle paper 100-400gsm (including single or double laminated or UV coated paper)
Adjustable paper separator
Adjustable general air blast individual orifices
Adjustable air suction angle
Adjustable feed speed frequency
Right side Registration belt
Feeding paper tail sensor for acceleration

-Highest quality dual stage compressor with separate circuits. almost no heat in the compressed air, which means better sheet separation.
-Feed roller with extra sticky rubber rings radial plenums for better paper grip.
-Stand with 4 lockable wheels.
-You can start by buying the top head as a manual feed unit, add the auto feed system later with stand as you wish.
Total Power 1600w
Total Weight 150kg

Information is up-to-date: 22.06.2018

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